Hutt Publishing


(Sci-Fi, approx. 78,000 words)

Nick Papagous has learned his father’s secrets and they have driven him to hate the man he once admired. Nick sets off for Nexus Station, a gateway to humanity’s frontier. Stripped of all of his money, he’s forced into the employ of Max Cabot, an old freighter pilot with a tragic past of his own. To pay off his debts, Max has been running the same route for ten years, running back and forth from Nexus to Dust, the final colony the Republic established.
Dust is remote and isolated from the rest of society, a place abandoned by the Republic due to the high costs associated with operating the colony. Sand storms regularly sweep the planet’s vast plains, making Dust a place few want to go. For Nick, it’s a perfect place to lay low and find his way. However, Nick soon discovers that Dust has its own secrets that will challenge everything he believes.

Available in ebook format for $3.99 in the Amazon Kindle store, free for Amazon Prime subscribers, or in paperback for $7.99 at or

Also available:

A Problem of Hope (Sci-fi, Short Fiction)

Lost amidst the stars, Isaac Hope has no memory of who he is or what he is doing. He embarks upon a journey to discover his mission and, more importantly, himself. His only companions are the ship’s computer, some terrible food, and a need to discover his past.

Available for $0.99 in the Amazon Kindle store, iBooks, Nook store,  and

The Scout (Sci-fi, Short Fiction)

As humanity attempts to survive and establish other homes throughout the galaxy, it will eventually rely on its courage, cunning, and strength to thrive in its new environs. Prior to that however, it will rely on a heartless, thoughtless, passionless entity to deliver it safely to its destination. The Scout is the tale of the Mayflower, the ship that will deliver humankind to its new home.

Available for $0.99 in the Amazon Kindle store, iBooks, Nook store, and

‘Til I’m Sure That He’s Dead (Sci-fi, Short Fiction)

Captain Artemis Krane has been waiting 20 years for this moment, a chance to avenge the heinous crimes committed against him by an old nemesis.  Pilot Nora Litely is newly assigned to Krane’s crew and clearly sees the dangerous path that her captain’s actions are leading them down.  Nora attempts to save her captain and the rest of the crew in this tale of revenge gone wrong.

Available for $0.99 in the Amazon Kindle store, iBooks, Nook store and

The Thin Line (Horror, Short Fiction)

Henry Hull Jr. believes in monsters; he has seen one first hand. He has seen how the mind and body can be twisted into something beyond comprehension by the dark forces that dwell inside of it. Henry Hull Jr. has a story to tell of the night his father crossed the thin line between man and monster.

Available for $0.99 in the Amazon Kindle store, iBooks, Nook, and

An Interview with the Robot Revolution (Sci-fi, Short fiction)

Reporter Miles Richmond has been dispatched to a remote Martian mining outpost where the robotic workers have taken their human masters captive. Miles gets an exclusive conversation with the masterminds of the operation. Is this the prelude to the robotic uprising humanity has long feared? Or is there a more civil explanation for what’s going on here?

Available for $0.99 in the Amazon Kindle store , iBooks, and

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