F+1 Day Furlough Report

Debut of Furlough Beard!

Debut of Furlough Beard!

Duration of Furlough: 1 day

Work not done: Yesterday was supposed to be the Operations Division review of inputs to the Increment 38 Flight Readiness Review.  This review is in preparation for the Directorate and Agency-level Flight Readiness Reviews.  Each technical discipline in the division reports on their readiness to support Increment 38.  We review things like the certification status of everyone supporting the mission, readiness of ground facilities, and readiness to support all planned activities during this increment.  All of this is done to ensure the safety of the mission.  Assuming a short furlough, this will be rescheduled for the near future.

We were also supposed to preview a new photo storage utility that helps the ISS astronauts store photos taken on ISS in the correct folders for downlink.  This will help both the crew and ops team with some  minor hassle as this is relatively unimportant information for the crew but they  need it all the time with the volume of pictures taken.

Secondary impacts: Cancelled the after school babysitter since I was home.  Didn’t go to a lunch with my group leads as planned.

Outlook for Continuing Resolution passage by Congress: Poor

An article on CNN yesterday (which I can’t currently find to link to), stated  that the Republicans would use the shutdown as leverage to get what they want during the upcoming debt ceiling fight.  The problem? We’re not expected to reach the debt ceiling until October 17th.  That’s a long time from now and would mean I miss out on at least half a paycheck.

Have I showered today? Soon.

Chores done: Dishes. Vacuumed laundry room.

Wife-requested tasks: Go to Post Office and drop off a package (I get off easy today!).  Do something productive.

Video games played: Injustice: Gods Among Us, The Simpson: Tapped Out (Hooray for the Halloween update!)

Mood: Aggravated.

This whole situation is absurd.  I love how Congress gets paid while it’s there fault that there is not a budget and I am out of work.

Yesterday, Rep. John Culberson of Texas said this about the effort to continue to defund the Affordable Care Act (ACA):

“The whole room [shouted] ‘Let’s vote!’ And I said, you know like 9/11, ‘Let’s roll!'” Culberson said.

Rep. Culberson what you’re doing is not in any way heroic and is in no way like what the brave folks on Flight 93 did when they took a plane back from terrorists and crashed it into a field in Pennsylvania.  In my opinion, the extremism you’re displaying in this fight against ACA is closer to the actions of the bad guys in that scenario than it is to the heroes. The goals of the ACA – fewer uninsured Americans, control health care costs –  are admirable even if the solution is imperfect and needs improvement.  I’d be more inclined to be sympathetic to the Republican view if they offered any viable solutions or alternatives.  And since the Heritage Foundation,a conservative think tank, drew up the foundation of the ACA, it really makes no sense that conservatives don’t support it.  The only response so far, though, is to stomp your feet and refuse to play even though the ACA is law and the Supreme Court upheld it.

Furlough Fun Fact: It is illegal for federal workers to volunteer to work during a furlough.

Song of the day: Sometime Around Midnight – The Airborne Toxic Event


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